Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hunting & Gathering Project, PART 1

               -This is the creek that was in my neighbor growing up. It was a lawless piece of land that grown-ups never went to because of the sewage and filth. The creek was a safe place for children to play with matches and fireworks, smoke cigarettes, shoot bb guns, and catch turtles. To look at it now I just see a disgusting creek, but back then, it was a playground.
               -This is the liquor store and fried fish joint across street form where I live. But these are not my favorite places locally, my favorite place is the roof that I drew them from. On the roof of my apartment I have a birds eye view of a rather unsavory part of Kansas City, from up here I get to draw some of the most interesting people and interactions from the comfort and safety of a lawn chair. The bus stops, liquor store, and gas stations are full of live models of all different shapes and sizes for me to draw from without distraction.