Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hunting & Gathering Project, PART 1

               -This is the creek that was in my neighbor growing up. It was a lawless piece of land that grown-ups never went to because of the sewage and filth. The creek was a safe place for children to play with matches and fireworks, smoke cigarettes, shoot bb guns, and catch turtles. To look at it now I just see a disgusting creek, but back then, it was a playground.
               -This is the liquor store and fried fish joint across street form where I live. But these are not my favorite places locally, my favorite place is the roof that I drew them from. On the roof of my apartment I have a birds eye view of a rather unsavory part of Kansas City, from up here I get to draw some of the most interesting people and interactions from the comfort and safety of a lawn chair. The bus stops, liquor store, and gas stations are full of live models of all different shapes and sizes for me to draw from without distraction.


  1. I like how simple your pieces are. They look very cartoony especial the second piece. It reminds me of the Quickie Mart.

  2. Concept:
    Fantastic descriptions/insights into the meaning of each image. You could almost make an entire film about either (or both) locations. Excellent choice of content.

    I feel both compositions are quite strong. One of the reasons is your attention to the foreground (an often overlooked and forgotten component of composition). Foreground information goes a long way to convey a sense of depth. The color image obviously eludes to an atmosphere right off the bat...which always enhances the narrative component of an image. The Party Shop image is excellent framing.

    The creek image is lacking a bit in detail...there is a flatness because of this. However, as a rendering of a memory, there is a visual poetry to this approach. As if the memory itself is more like a postcard. The detail and depth of the Party Shop image is excellent. The only thing it's missing is tonality. The sky shares the same texture plain as the ground, which works against your otherwise excellent use of space. However, this is still a very informed and personal drawing...really great.

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