Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Mike Kearns   
Alter Ego Biography
Gordon Showers

    Gordon Showers is a five foot North Korean porn star with a whole lot of charisma. Born in 1986, in the province of Chagang,  he was the son of two meager silk mill workers. Gordon, whose real name is unknown, showed signs of a powerful sexual prowess at the early age of 8 when he lost his virginity, and at 11, when he was found in bed with General Jong Ho Gyun's 26 year old daughter. Fearing for his life and yearning to find a place where it would be ok for him to be sexy with other people, he decided flee North Korea. With nowhere else to go, Gordon Showers set his sights on getting to America, specifically California, because he once heard a Beach Boys song about the girls who live there. Getting from North Korea to America was sure to be difficult, but Gordon was blessed with the gift of gab, he could sell sun screen to penguins, and he proved to be just as good at talking his way on to Chinese cargo ships as he was at talking his way into women's pants. Part of what made Gordon's flee so inconspicuous was the way in which he carried himself; quietly and rhythmically gliding and shuffling form place to place without a trace of nervousness. Gordon looked like he belonged where ever he was, because where ever he is he owns the room. After almost 2 years of jumping from ship to ship, Gordon Showers finally found himself in the naughtiest country on Earth, The United States of America. Gordon arrived in Santa Barbara, without a penny to his name, but that didn't get him down, he was just so glad to be in a place where he wouldn't be persecuted for being sexy. Tired, hungry, and no where to go, Gordon found refuge in the Los Padres Nation Forest. That very night in the woods Gordon awoke to the sound of screams coming from the other some of some brush. He quickly rose to go and find out what the trouble was, and when he arrived on the scene, he found a massive bear on the verge of mauling a man and two women. Having never seen a bear before Gordon didn't know what to do, so he simply did what he does best; he flung himself fearlessly at the beast and shoved his tiny hand between the bear's legs and began to give it a sensual rub down. At first the bear violently thrashed at Gordon, but Gordon did not cease, and after about 25 minutes of rubbing on the bear's crotch, it fell sound asleep. Gordon walked over to the campers to see that they were ok, it was here that Gordon met porn legend, Ron Jeremy, who was camping in the Nation Forest to film his latest movie, "Two Beavers and A Redwood." Ron, who was amazed at what he just saw, invited Gordon to stay and talk. Gordon told Ron and the two actresses of his struggle to escape North Korea and his hopes for a new life in America. Ron was so touched by this smooth talking Korean's story that he didn't hesitate to take Gordon under his wing and change his life forever. Ron would later write in his autobiography that when he first heard Gordon Showers speak it was like being seduced by someone who isn't even trying, he was just naturally seductive. Over the next few years with Ron, Gordon had undergone some changes, he now wore his hair long and slicked back, he wore fine white suits and real gold jewelry, and his english became more American sounding. The one thing that didn't change about Gordon was his hight, at the age of 18 he was still 5 feet tall with no sign of further growth. But Gordon always was and still is completely unaware of his short stature because everyone around him sees him as larger than life and treat him as such. Over time Gordon came up from under the wing of Ron Jeremy and set off to make his own mark in the Porn industry. He started off by founding the foxy hockey league in Southern California, which only lasted up until all the players started to lose their teeth and the audience lost their attraction. He followed this up with a series of several hit pornographic films staring himself. He received critical acclaim, particularly for his role in the porno comedy, "Gettin' Silly Between The Sheets." Today Gordon Showers is 25 years old, continues to set the gold standard for adult videos, and is more successful and sexy than he ever thought possible. When he's not knocking boots with the most beautiful women in the adult video industry, he spends his time with his 6 children in his home in LA.

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